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Coats looking grungy? We can take care of that! We will remove stains, de-pill, de-lint, brush and press your coats. You'll have a brand-new coat at a fraction of the cost!

sweater Sweaters

Why do sweaters washed at home end up looking old? Pills, lint and fading. Keep your sweaters looking new by sending them to us! We will de-pill, de-lint, and keep colors vibrant. We'll fold your sweaters with tissue in the folds to make sure your sweater won't get the dreaded "hanger marks."


Blouses and Shirts

It seems one of the hardest thing to iron is a shirt or blouse. Let us take care of it for you! With specialized presses and professional pressers, we can do more than a home iron can do and it's much easier for you. Prestige can prevent color fading and replace any missing buttons.

pants Pants Keep that crease sharp and looking new by sending your pants to Prestige!
suit Suits

It's said "dress for the job you want, not the job you have." Look your best for that interview, speech or seminar. Keep your suits looking crisp and new with Prestige!

dress Dresses From flowing summer dresses to prom night, we keep your dresses looking beautiful and wrinkle-free!
skirt Skirts Keep your skirts looking like new by having them professionally cleaned by Prestige! They'll keep their length and shape and you'll look great!



How long has it been since you cleaned your leather? Body oils and dirt can gather around the collar and cuffs of your coat, discoloring them and aging your garment. Clean your leather with Prestige to extend it's life and your enjoyment of that favorite leather!

wedding gown

Wedding Gowns

Preserve your memories by preserving your wedding gown with Prestige. We take extra care in gently cleaning your gown and then preserving it in our Preservation Pack. With each Preservation Pack we give customers long-term storage tips and recommendations to help ensure your dress lasts a lifetime.

bedding Comforters, Bedding, Blankets Washed the sheets, but forgot the comforter? Let us clean it for you. We'll remove the stains, clean your bedding and have your bed irresistible again in no time!
napkin Tablecloths & Napkins

Nothing gets more stains than the tablecloths and napkins you eat over, wipe your mouth with and wad up. Let Prestige bring back your table settings back to new at a fraction of the cost with our stain removal, cleaning and pressing services!



Don't let your drapes trap odors and dust in your home! We'll clean and press your window treatments for a whole-house fresh and crisp look!



Garments not fit quite right? Bring it to Prestige and we'll make the corrections you need, clean and professionally press your clothes.



Vacuuming is not enough. To get a thorough clean, rugs need professional care so bring yours to Prestige for a clean so clean a baby can crawl on.

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