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The Prestige Difference on...

Same Day Service
  1. Waterloo: In by 9:00 am, out by 4:00 pm same day
  2. Cedar Falls: In by 7:00 pm, out by 4:00 pm following day
  3. If you need cleaning or pressing sooner, call the Waterloo store at 233-5152. We will do everything we can to accomodate your cleaning needs!
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Customer Service
  1. We strive to know each of our customer's personal preferences regarding how they want their clothes cleaned and pressed. With the only computerized dry cleaning tracking system in the Cedar Valley, Prestige tracks your clothes according to both name and type of garment. Furthermore, our computerized system allows Prestige personnel to be notified not only your personal preferences, but also your contact information, to ensure the quickest possible pick up and drop off times.
  2. Our Customers will be greeted with a friendly smile when they come into contact with Prestige. Our customers are valued.
Stain Removal
  1. Most stains are completely removed or at a minimum are lightened. To help ensure the best possible outcome for a garment, bring stained garments in to us as soon as possible and notify the Customer Service Representative what the stain is for proper treatment.
  2. Before deeming a stain "unremovable" Prestige professional stain removers will treat and run a garment through the stain removal process three times.*
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*If given the normal three-day process time. If Express Service is requested, time limitations allow Prestige to run a stained garment only once.  
Pressing Services
  1. Prestige professional pressers will use industry standard pressing practices unless customer notifies us of a different personal preference.
  2. Each garment will be treated as if it is one of our own.

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